Where can I get those ingredients?

It used to be that healthy ingredients were really hard to find, here we share our recommendations of places to shop close to the clinic in Melbourne’s North.

The Royal Nut Company  (in Brunswick & also in Malvern). This is where we go for bulk nuts, nut-meal, flours, seeds, grains and spices.Top of our list are buckwheat flour, Australian walnuts and almonds, almond meal and big bags of dried spices like cinnamon, cardamon and cumin.

La manna direct (at Essendon fields) An oasis of good food. Heaps of options – high quality fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and meats. They also have a good range of healthy food alternatives like Mayvers spreads, sauerkrauts from Pat’s veg and Peace love and vegetables, coconut oil, Coyo coconut yoghurt and more more more.



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