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Chinese medicine diet therapy

Chinese medicine diet therapy uses foods for a therapeutic effect. Each food has a therapeutic nature and flavour in Chinese medicine. Food flavours are sour, sweet, bitter, salty or bland. 

Each of these flavours have a therapeutic action and hence a health application.

Diet therapy uses the same principles as herbal therapy. We use many herbs that are foods. Examples include Rou Gui and Gui Zhi (Cinnamon) Yu Jin (Tumeric) and Sheng Jiang (Ginger). Mu Li (Oyster shell) and Rose (Mei Gui Hua). These are all both food and herbal medicines.

Chinese medicine diet therapy has been used in Chinese culture for thousands of years.

Using the diagnostic tools of Chinese medicine an optimum individual dietary plan is used to enhance your wellness, treat imbalances or illnesses.

Healthy foods including fruits and vegetables may considered appropriate for some individuals. Eating lots of chilli or spices is great for some individuals but may not be for others.

Examples of diet therapy programs for instance are Tonify the Spleen and also Tonify the Yin.

Food can be preventative, restorative and curative.

A good diet is the foundation of good health. A good diet is essential to balance the body and to achieve true harmony and wellness. Get your diet right and your body will function optimally. 

A good diet isn’t just a measure of calories.

A good diet includes a variety of foods that provide a full spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals and nutrients including antioxidants and phytochemicals.

Modern research supports many of the theories of Chinese medicine diet therapy and we are learning more about the many different active components of foods and also  how they can be beneficial to health.

Medicinal food centres on the inclusion of wholefood produce that is fresh, sourced locally, organic and seasonal. It excludes processed foods  that have a long shelf life, little or no nutritional value. Many of these so called foods are merely driven by sales and advertising.

Seasonal foods offer a number of benefits. You can learn more about seasonal food here.

Diet therapy consultation

As part of a diet therapy consultation Shura will provide an individual diet program. This will include foods and cooking methods that suit your individual constitution and also your pattern of disharmony.

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