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Cupping is an ancient Chinese medicine technique. At Ford Wellness Group we use both the traditional techniques of cupping – known as flame cupping – with glass cups of varying sizes. We also use silicone cups as part of our cosmetic treatments.

To administer cupping air is removed from the cup and quickly applied to the skin to produce suction. This suction has the affect of pulling and relaxing the soft tissue.

Cupping removes stagnation, congestion and cold from the body. Typically cupping is helpful coughs and colds, back and neck pain and headaches. Cupping is also used to remove cold from the body and to counter muscle tension due to emotional stress. Cupping can also be applied to the abdominal area to increase blood flow and circulation, support weight loss and women’s menstrual health.

The results of cupping are often immediate, particularly for muscle tension, headaches or respiratory congestion.

The therapy has few reported side effects. Round marks and bruising may sometimes occur. Bruising from cupping can be unsightly but should be painless and will only last a short time, usually up to a week.

The intensity of the bruising will vary according to the amount of vacuum applied to a cup.

You can see more information about cupping in this article Shura contributed to in Nature & Health Magazine.

You can book Cupping Torquay as a standalone treatment or it can be incorporated into an acupuncture treatment.

Due to it’s benefits cupping has been a popular treatment amongst celebrities and athletes and frequently appears in the media.

Cupping has now been adopted by a number of other allied health care practitioners. It is frequently used by myotherapists, massage therapists osteopaths and physiotherapists. Generally these practitioners will use rigid plastic cups over the traditional glass and flame method.

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