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July 2015 – with Shura Ford as an expert Contributor
‘Sleep is a key component of restoring our physical and mental health, yet it is something so many people
struggle to achieve. The Medical Journal of Australia reported up to 35 per cent of Australians experience
disrupted sleep, inadequate amounts of sleep, excessive sleepiness and irritability, with half these problems
caused by specific sleep disorders and the other half due to poor sleep habits or choices.
Wellspring spoke with leading health and wellness experts to understand how to get that bit closer to the
perfect slumber’.

Keep your cool by Shura Ford
Individuals that have difficulty sleeping are often found to have underlying heat issues. Heat can be a consequence of internal factors, or from external factors such as the environment. Heat disturbs the spirit (shen), unsettles the mind and causes restless sleep, dreaming and night sweats. A food remedy, acupuncture and herbs are tools used by Chinese medicine practitioners to cool the body and calm the shen. Ask your registered practitioner what is most appropriate for your individual pattern.

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