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July 2014 – by Shura Ford – Top 10 Paleo superfoods.

The paleo diet is a food lifestyle that we often recommend to our clients. The principle is to eat like our ancestors did in the paleolithic era. It focuses on eating fresh food that you could hunt and gather yourself such as fruit, vegetables, meat, nuts and seeds. Importantly it also focuses on eliminating foods that were not available such as processed foods, sugar, grains, legumes and in most cases dairy. It leaves you feeling clean, energized and fit and has added bonuses such weight loss, muscle gain and digestive balance. The paleo diet is a favorite of many athletes, in particular the cross-fit community and AFL players, try it for yourself and you’ll understand why. For a bit more insight into the benefits our acupuncturist Shura Ford compiled a list of  the top 10 paleo superfoods for the Paleo Foodies website.

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