Gluten free zucchini pasta

Zucchini’s are cheap and plentiful in Autumn and they are wonderfully versatile. This recipe is great for a quick lunch or dinner and is grain and gluten free. It can be modified into a fuller meal by adding a side of grilled fish or chicken.

2 large zuchinni

1/2 cup crème fraîche

1 cup peas

1/2 cup fresh pesto

1 tspn Lemon zest

1 cup spinach leaves

1/4 cup Parmesan

Salt and pepper to taste

Take a box grater and place it on its side with the side with the largest grating holes on it face up.

Cut the ends off the zucchini, then push along the top of grater, in long strokes in order to create long, thin ribbons of zucchini

Heat a pan with the olive oil, then gently fry the garlic until slightly tender. Blanch zucchini and peas in hot water for 2 minutes then drain. Stir in the pesto and  crème fraîche until coated, season with salt and pepper.

Pile it into a dish and sprinkle with lemon zest and Parmesan.


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