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Summer food therapy in Chinese medicine focuses on creating harmony in the body. This is achieved by balancing the Yang environmental energy.

Chinese medicine for Summer meals, top 5 tips

1. In the summer it is appropriate to eat spicy foods that move the energy up and to the surface as this encourages sweating and cooling, this is the reason why chilli laden foods are so popular in hot climates.

2. Don’t eat or drink too many cooling foods or fluids in the summer as this may weaken our digestive organs. It is important to find a balance with warm and cool foods. Eating less and lightly on hot bright days is applicable and a natural healthful practice. On really hot days have salads, sprouts – mung, soy, alfalfa, fruits -watermelon, berries, citrus, apples, mangos, melons, stone fruit, and cucumber.

3. Summer food therapy suggests to avoid too many heavy foods that cause sluggishness. Foods such as meat, eggs, or an excessive amount of nuts, seeds and grains.

4. Use plenty of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables and cook foods lightly. Regularly add a little of the following spicy, pungent flavours such as red or green peppers, ginger, horseradish, or black pepper, use a high heat for a short time (such as grilling on a barbecue) or steam or simmer foods as quickly as possible.

5. Minimize salt by using fresh herbs for flavor and increase your daily water intake.


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