Spring food therapy

Spring food therapy in Chinese medicine

Cooking methods

During spring when energy is awakening and there is more warmth in the environment foods should be cooked lightly.

Steaming and stir-frys are ideal cooking methods.

Things to avoid

Avoid alcohol and rich, fatty, buttery or creamy foods as these can burden the liver with heat and heaviness therefore leading to imbalances such as spring fevers, allergies, moodiness and sluggishness.

Things to include

Have plenty of cooked grains, legumes and vegetables. The flavour associated with the Spring and the Wood element is sour therefore eating foods with this flavour helps support the liver and Gallbladder. The sour flavour acts as an astringent to energy. Citrus foods such as lemons, grapefruits and limes have a sour flavour. Other foods having a sour flavour include vinegar and preserved foods such umbeoshi plums, sauerkraut and pickles.

Seasonal availability

Eating local seasonal food is always important. You can find a list of seasonal Victorian produce here.

Energetics of Spring

Learn more about adapting from a Chinese medicine perspective to Spring physically and psychologically here.

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