Seasonal Winter produce

Winter produce

The fruits and vegetables of Winter have a denser nature and lend well to cooking. Stewed fruits cooked with cinnamon and star anise are a delight with warm porridge in the morning. See our post on Winter energetics for more Winter meal tips.


Apples, nashis and pears are in season along with cumquats and Camarillo’s. Citrus fruits are at their peak – grapefruit, lemons, limes, oranges, tangelos and mandarins.


Chestnuts are a great winter food with good levels of fibre, protein and carbohydrates


Leafy greens such as lettuces, spinach, silverbeet, Asian greens – bok choy – choy sum – gai lan – wong bok are all still available.

Brassica’s (also known as cruciferous vegetables) are at their peak right now. This variety of vegetables include broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbages and cauliflower.  They provide a great dose of nutrients. Gone are the days of steaming or boiling these veg until they are grey. There are lots of ways to cook them. Try roasting them to caramelise their natural sugars for sweetness or steam for a short amount of time and toss in garlic oil and herbs.

Root vegetables such as beetroot, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, pumpkin, swedes and turnips are plentiful and provide a good foundation for stocks and soups.  Also available in Winter are celery, celeriac, fennel, jerusalem artichokes, kale, kohlrabi,

Onions are also in good supply- brown, red, shallots, leeks and spring onions are all warming and can be included in meals every day.

Herbs & spices

Bay leaf, sage and oregano can be used during cooking and lighter herbs like parsley and chives are great to sprinkle fresh over meals.

It is always a great idea to have a variety of seasonal whole foods in your diet. This will ensure you get a broad intake of nutrients. Visit Torquay Farmers Market or your own local farmers market for the freshest seasonal produce.


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