Clearing heat – food remedy

heat clearing food remedy

A clearing heat food remedy can be used for excess heat in the body.  These foods are hot in nature, decreasing your daily intake will help to clear heat from the body. Moreover, increasing consumption will increase heat in the body which is of course helpful if you feel the cold.

Signs of excess heat may include a rapid pulse, red tongue, flushed face, sweating, headaches, rashes and skin irritations, inflammation, palpitations, anxiety or insomnia. If you have these signs try to avoid these foods or only have them minimally. You may also find the tonify yin food remedy helpful. One of the first steps in clearing heat is to reduce or cut out hot natured drinks such as alcohol and caffeine. Increasing your intake of pure water is also important, you should aim for 8 glasses a day at a minimum if you have heat.

Signs of cold include poor circulation, difficulty maintaining body temperature and lethargy. If you have a pattern of cold, increasing these foods may help you. You may also find the tonify the spleen food remedy helpful.

Chinese medicine diet therapy is very individualised. It is not a permanent diet but teaches more mindful eating. Chinese medicine views many substances as both food and medicine. Because of this dual nature, food remedies have always been used to enhance wellness.

For more information or to obtain an individualised food remedy, please contact Shura.

Foods to avoid for clearing heat

These foods are hot in nature. These foods may increase heat in the body.

Nuts & Seeds

  • Coconut, peanuts

Animal products

  • Prawns, anchovy, lobster, trout, butter


  • Capers,


  • Lychee


  • Chilli, black pepper, nutmeg, ginger, garlic, cardomen, fennel, dill, turmeric


  • Basil, bay leaf,


  • Sugar, refined foods, alcohol, coffee, black tea, caffeine



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