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December 2016 – January 2017 – By Shura Ford

The ancient texts of Chinese medicine state that the body of a woman changes each 7 years. It is expected that around the age of 49 (the 7th of the 7 year cycles) the Tian Gui, (translated as Heavenly Water) along with the vitality of channels of the Ren Mai (Conception vessel- Sea of Yin) and the Chong Mai (Penetrating vessel – Sea of Blood) will gradually decline and then finally empty, resulting in the cessation of menstruation.
If a woman is healthy this transition can be mild, however if there are underlying pathologies then a woman will be less able to adapt to these changes without consequence.

This article appeared in the December 16/February 17 issue of Nature & Health, Australia’s original and best natural health magazine, 

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