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November 2014 – with Shura Ford expert contributor – 

Asian therapies such as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are entirely about balance.
Disease and illness are viewed as an disharmony of the bodies energies. For true wellness to exist there needs to be a balance between the various energies of the body – a balance of movement, the emotions, the environment, diet, rest & work/play, heat & cold, and in essence the yin and yang. The yin and yang are the two mutual, opposing and co-existing energetic forces that exist in all things. Yin – water Yang -fire, Yin – feminine, Yang – masculine, Yang-bright, Yin -dark.
These core theories of TCM and balance can be applied in a range of life situations. A person who rushes and is always busy is very yang in nature and will find rest and stillness very challenging but it is the very elixir they require. Conversely a person who is very slow to move, finds it difficult to be motivated or feels heavy and lethargic needs a boost of yang energy and will find that once they get moving they feel better.

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