Winter health and wellness

Winter health and wellness

Are you a winter lover or hater? For Winter health and wellness it is important to embrace the changes of the season. Shorter and colder days tend to mean more time inside and some find the cold and darkness depressing, however Winter can be an energizing time of year too, here are our tips for Winter health and wellness to help you get the best out of your winter.

1. Stay active to keep the spine and joints flexible. The cold temperatures causes contraction in the body. Keep warm following exercise and keep skin pores covered (particularly the neck and the lower back).

2. Gather with friends and family to cook a healthy warming feast, it’s important to continue social interaction in winter to beat the tendency to hide away.

3. Be mindful of the energy that you expend day to day. If your life is over-committed and rushed you will be prone to exhaustion. In this state the body becomes easily vulnerable to colds or viruses.

3. Eat within the seasons and increase your intake of warming foods and those that contain nutrients to support immunity such as Vitamin C and Zinc.

4. Explore your surroundings. We are lucky enough to live in a part of the world with outstanding natural beauty. You can find some great walks such as the Wadawurrung walk all through the region.

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