Winter energetics

winter energetics

In Chinese medicine philosophy Winter energetics are Yin in nature. Winter conjures up images of coldness, darkness, rain, mist and fog. Winter is a time of stillness and quiet. It is a time to move slowly and be more introspective. Winter is the season of hibernation. Winter is a time to rest, to meditate, and to store physical energy. For the body Winter energetics mean the body’s Qi will naturally move deeper  to nourish the interior and protect against cold penetration.


The cold and darkness drives us to seek warmth by rugging up. In Australia our Winters are relatively mild compared to the Northern part of the world. In Torquay on the Surfcoast we will have a few frosts each Winter and every few years snow will fall in the Otway’s nearby.

It is important to keep active through Winter. There are many reasons to keep active in Winter, above all it circulates the Qi and blood and provides endorphins. Winter is a beautiful time to enjoy the outdoors and therefore connect with nature around the Surfcoast. Of course there are fewer visitors so you can get the beach to yourself. Take a walk along the cliffs along Jan Juc through to Bells Beach. The waves over Winter are bigger and cleaner then in Summer, so there are always plenty of surfers embracing the chill that Winter brings. In addition to that, Winter is the migration season for our whales, you could be lucky enough to spot whales, dolphins or seals on your walk.

Winter here in Torquay occurs in the months of  June, July and August. Our true Winter is the Winter solstice. Winter solstice is the day we have the fewest hours of daylight in the year. This occurs between the 21st and 23rd of June each year.


We are inclined to have warmer meals and comfort foods. Winter is a time we must nourish our bodies with warming foods. It is a great time to enjoy a warm gathering with friends and family. Recipes we like to cook in Winter include Beef Pho soup.

Find out the weather report when you visit Torquay in Winter

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