Spring energetics

Harmony with the seasons

Spring is a time of creation & development, the greening season when seeds begin to sprout, trees begin to bud and nature is awakened. Spring symbolises new growth within our own lives, relationships and our health. This is a good time of year to take a look at your life and begin clearing the past to make changes in your environment and yourself. It can be a time of new starts. This season take time to write a new health plan including goals on how you wish to feel and how you see yourself going forwards.

Wood Element

Spring relates to the Wood element in Chinese medicine which comprises the organs of the Liver and Gall bladder. The emotions of the wood element are patience and decisiveness. If the wood energy is in balance an individual will exhibit these emotional qualities. When the energy of the liver is not in balance  an individual will be frustrated, angry, impatient or feel stuck.  Or when the Gall bladder energy is out of balance an individual will have difficulty making decisions or will question their judgement.


Spring is a time of stirring because it is the season of wind in the environment and our bodies. Wind appears quickly, can change without warning and is as destabilizing as it is unpredictable. Wind shows in the body  in various ways. Signs of wind energy are dizziness, cramps, spasms, tremors, pain that comes and goes and twitches or pulsating headaches. Wind also commonly affects the skin and shows as itching or skin irritation or dryness. The stirring nature of wind can also show as vertigo, ringing in the ears. On an emotional level it can cause inability to settle, nervousness, agitation, and turmoil.

In Chinese medicine philosophy we recommend adapting your diet to the nature of the environment.  This helps align with the season. Learn about the foods and cooking methods recommended during this season here.

You can learn more about the seasonal foods of Spring here.

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