Spring allergies and hay fever

Spring is the season of fragrance. The Surfcoast has beautiful and fragrant wattle trees and there are some great bush walks to experience in the area. Spring is also the season of allergies and can be an uncomfortable season for many despite its beauty.

Allergies can present as skin reactions or respiratory reactions. Examples include rashes, hives,  itchy eyes, running nose, eczema, sinusitis and asthma. Coughs which first made an appearance in Winter may addditionally linger through Spring.

Chinese medicine theory states that those with a weakened immune system are likely to be more susceptible to allergies. Ways to prevent allergy sensitivity include maintaining a good immune system and keeping your body in balance. This can be achieved through good diet, exercise and rest and supporting the Lung energy through Autumn and Winter. If you are experiencing discomfort through Spring, acupuncture along with herbal medicine can support patients suffering from symptoms of hay fever. From a Chinese medicine perspective the strategy is to clear pathogenic energy from the body, support immunity and strengthen vitality.


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