Late Summer Energetics

Late Summer and Earth Element


We know there are four seasons in nature, however Chinese medicine recognises a fifth season. This is the season of late Summer. A season not defined exactly but loosely regarded as the last month of Summer – February.

Late Summer is the junction of an energetic shift from Yang energy to Yin Energy. It is a time to pause and exist as if time is suspended. A time to live simply and without effort and haste. This is a time of harmonious transition between the Yang nature of Spring and Summer and the Yin nature of Autumn and Winter.

The Five elements

In the Five element theory of Chinese medicine the energetics of this season are associated with the Earth element.  The organs of the Earth element are the Stomach and the Spleen. The Earth element and the organs are referred to at the centre (Zhong) in Chinese medicine. They are the origin of Energy (Qi) and Blood (Xue) and therefore nourish all the other organs of the body.

This time of year is often both hot and humid – a season of dampness. This is the environmental nature that is associated with the Earth and particularly with the Spleen organ.

Chinese New Year

The season of late Summer coincides with the Chinese Lunar New Year in the Southern Hemisphere and the midpoint of the Chinese lunar year in the Northern hemisphere. The exact date of the Lunar new year varies each year, visit here for your Chinese new year horoscope.


The flavour associated with the Earth Element is Sweet. February is a month when many fruits become ripe and sweet. Sweetness supports and nourishes the spleen however an excess can lead to dampness and contribute to a weakening of the spleen. Foods that can weaken the spleen can be found here along with foods that support the Spleen and Earth energy.

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