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infrared therapy lamp treatment

Infrared therapy is a part of a modern Chinese medicine treatment. This therapy support the body’s natural healing process. It is used particularly in Chinese medicine for aches and pains, although it is implemented for a range of ailments. Infrared therapy enhances cell regeneration. Consequently it is used in cases of sports injuries, strains, sprains and other types of soft tissue damage too.

Commonly referred to as a heat lamp, the warmth of an infrared lamp provides a soothing comfort. The heat affect is similar to moxibustion therapy. It is therefore used interchangeably when there is cold expressed in signs or symptoms. Treatment also has applications for women’s health.  The heat and healing properties are beneficial for menstrual discomfort. Moreover many patients report relaxation benefits from this therapy. It can be used in conjunction with an acupuncture treatment. The lamp may be placed over acupuncture needles as part to enhance their affect. Infrared treatments can also be used for skin repair. Examples includes cases of eczema, burns or wound infections.

Infrared treatments are commonly used throughout Europe. Many spas throughout Australia use infrared therapy, particularly as infrared saunas. An infrared sauna provides infrared light to affect the whole body whereas a lamp concentrates the therapy to a particular area. The heat from a infrared lamp is is similar to the warmth emitted from sunlight. Both the lamp and sun emit forms electromagnetic energy.

How does it work?

An infrared lamp uses electromagnetic energy to heat the surface of the body. This therapy uses a narrow band of infrared rays. The rays penetrate to the depth of the soft tissue.  The heat from the lamp increases blood circulation to injuries and promotes tissue repair.

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