Autumn health and wellness

Autumn health and wellness

Autumn health and wellness tips. Here are 5 tips to keep your health on track this Autumn;

1. Keep a scarf on.  A scarf protects a duo of points at the back of the neck from pathogenic wind-cold from entering the body.

2. Have some pungent foods. These foods help to keep the clear the lungs and keep them healthy in preparation for Winter.

3. Eat seasonally. This helps the body to align to the seasonal energy you can find a list of Australian  Autumn produce here.

4. Take the time to be introspective. 

5. Have warm foods. Warm natured foods help to support the digestive system and strengthen the Qi of the body.

To learn more about Autumn health and wellness and the philosophy of the energetics of this season visit here.

For further discussion view our post on Autumn energetics or Shura’s Autumn article in nature and health magazine.

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