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Fertility Chinese medicine – In Western medicine and also from a Chinese medicine perspective, fertility follows when the body is healthy, vibrant and in balance. Healthy eggs, healthy sperm and a healthy environment are all needed for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

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New research in to epigenetic’s (the study of changes in the body as a result of modifications of gene expressions) resonates with the theories and philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is known that environmental and lifestyle factors can influence the way our genes are expressed or switched on or off. The Chinese medicine approach to wellness is to use subtle diagnostic analysis to determine imbalances in the body. In Chinese medicine, practitioners treat according to the individual presenting to them. The practitioner establishes the patients pattern of disharmony and rebalances this pattern using Chinese herbs, acupuncture and lifestyle and dietary modification.

East West article

This article written by Shura Ford  for Nature & Health magazine explores the Western medicine perspective of  fertility and the Chinese medicine fertility perspective.  This article appeared in the April 2017 issue of Nature & Health, Australia’s original and best natural health magazine.


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