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May 2016 – with Shura Ford as an expert Contributor.

What is the traditional Chinese medicine wisdom/understanding around fermented foods?

From a Chinese medicine perspective fermentation (‘Fa Jiao Fa’) is a method of preparation (‘Pao Zhi’) to transform foods and herbs to create new herbal properties. “In some cases this is to have more affinity with and to support the digestive system and the organs of the stomach and spleen,” says acupuncturist and herbalist Shura Ford. “In other cases it may be to make actions more or less potent than in the unfermented state.”

Ford lists fermented soybeans (‘Dan Dou Chi’) as a preparation classically used in remedies to clear heat in cases of fever or restlessness, as well as fermented leaven (‘Shen Qu’ – a mix of fermented herbs and yeast) to support the energies of the stomach and spleen. “The fermentation process allows these herbs to be processed by the body more easily,” says Ford.

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