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Collagen protein cookie dough balls

These collagen protein balls have the taste and texture of raw cookie dough but rather than being high in carbs and sugar they are instead high in protein and low in carbs – perfect if you follow a keto or low carb diet. Collagen is a liver tonic in Chinese medicine – great for supporting

Clearing heat – food remedy

heat clearing food remedy

A clearing heat food remedy can be used for excess heat in the body.  These foods are hot in nature, decreasing your daily intake will help to clear heat from the body. Moreover, increasing consumption will increase heat in the body which is of course helpful if you feel the cold. Signs of excess heat

Summer wellness and health

Summer energetics

The transition of one year into the next is a time when many of us take a break, review our year past and plan for the year ahead. Here us 5 tips...

Summer energetics

Summer energetics are fire and heat. The organs that make up the fire element are the heart and small intestine. In Chinese medicine the heart regulates blood circulation and also controls consciousness, spirit, sleep...

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