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Spring food therapy

Spring food therapy in Chinese medicine Cooking methods During spring when energy is awakening and there is more warmth in the environment foods should be cooked lightly. Steaming and stir-frys are ideal cooking methods. Things to avoid Avoid alcohol and rich, fatty, buttery or creamy foods as these can burden the liver with heat and

Seasonal Spring produce

Seasonal Spring produce

We love to eat seasonally and locally. Food that is seasonal is fresh as well as more plentiful. By eating what is available locally you support local farmers and importantly reduce food miles. Here is a list of some beautiful seasonal spring produce that are particularly at their peak through Spring. Seasonal Spring produce fruit

Summer energetics

Summer energetics relate to the fire element in Chinese medicine philosophy, this element above all has a very Yang quality. To understand the energetics of any season we can look to the local...

Spring energetics

Harmony with the seasons

Spring is a time of creation & development, the greening season when seeds begin to sprout, trees begin to bud and nature is awakened. Spring symbolises new growth within our own lives,...

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