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Tonify the spleen – Food remedy

tonify the spleen - food remedy

Have you heard a TCM practitioner say to you they need to ‘tonify the spleen’. The Spleen and Stomach are part of the earth element, and are the key organs responsible for digestion in Chinese medicine. This is because these organs are responsible for the transformation and transportation of food into Qi (energy). The digestive

Winter foods therapy

Winter food therapy

Winter foods principles Winter foods therapy is using foods and cooking methods to align with the energetics of the season of Winter. The season of Winter is cold so our bodies call for warming foods, meals that have been cooked at low temperatures for a longer time. Adding heating spices such as cloves, peppercorns, ginger,

Winter health and wellness

Winter health and wellness

Are you a winter lover or hater? For Winter health and wellness it is important to embrace the changes of the season. Shorter and colder days tend to mean more time inside...

Winter energetics

winter energetics

In Chinese medicine philosophy Winter energetics are Yin in nature. Winter conjures up images of coldness, darkness, rain, mist and fog. Winter is a time of stillness and quiet. It is a...

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