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April 2017 With Shura Ford as expert contributor

“Auricular acupuncture is suitable for a wide range of conditions. Certainly the most researched are its benefits in treating psychological issues; however it is also applicable for cases of pain, infertility, digestive issues, and more,” says acupuncturist and herbalist Shura Ford from Melbourne’s Ford Wellness Group. Research has shown that auricular acupuncture may be particularly effective as a treatment for anxiety, with studies demonstrating a calming effect on preoperative patients and those about to undergo dental treatments. “It can also be used as a distal source of treatment in cases of back pain or injury if there is local swelling or pain,” adds Ford. Other benefits include the fact that it is quick, convenient and doesn’t require the recipient to undress, and in the case of ear seeds the treatment can be continued beyond the clinic.

Ford says auriculotherapy is suitable for virtually everyone. “Ear acupuncture is a safe therapy when applied by a registered acupuncturist. While there is no group where auricular acupuncture would be contraindicated, it should only be applied by an experienced practitioner to pregnant women,” she explains.

Ford says auriculotherapy is a go-to technique when she is treating people trying to give up cigarettes. “I always use auricular acupuncture for clients wanting to quit. Recently I had a client who had struggled with the commitment to quit. I applied auricular points,and when I spoke with her a few weeks later she had quit immediately and reported zero cravings and a complete shift in her attitude to smoking since then.”


This article appeared in the April 2017 issue of Nature & Health, Australia’s original and best natural health magazine,

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