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Summer breakfast

A quick, healthy and nutrient dense breakfast that can be adapted to your own health needs and taste preferences. This recipe is for one, just double the mix for two people. You can choose your own seasonal fruit as a topping.

Summer food therapy

Chinese medicine for Summer meals, top 5 tips 1. In the summer it is appropriate to eat spicy foods that move the energy up and to the surface as this encourages sweating and cooling, this is the reason why chilli laden foods are so popular in hot climates. 2.┬áDon’t eat or drink too many cooling

Summer health and wellness

The transition of one year into the next is a time when many of us take a break, review our year past and plan for the year ahead. Here us 5 tips...

Summer energetics

The energy of summer corresponds to the fire element and the organs of the heart and small intestine. In Chinese medicine the heart not only regulates blood circulation but also controls consciousness,...

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